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Support for Children Education

The future rests in the hands of the Younger generation

Education is vital aspect to shape the future of the younger generation. But, just question yourself, how many youngsters are able to attend the school and afford the expenses in the education system. There are many bright children who are not able to attend the school or college or higher studies, just because of the financial disability.

Why most of the children are becoming child labour?

  • * Lack of financial support
  • * Lack of food and clothing
  • * Lack of awareness about the education to the family
  • * Lack of support from the family
  • * Some are becoming orphans at a younger age

Despite all the odds, Akshaya Empower Mission Society stood strong to help the students who are looking for an assistance to continue their education at any level. Akshaya Empower Mission Society conducted awareness programs and enlightens the parents about the value of education and helped many students to enjoy their schooling.

Akshaya Empower Mission Society has the intent for building a better society and we believe that helping an individual will certainly provide a better future for many individuals in the society.

Support the children to continue their education and become a part in building a bright future for the future generations.

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