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Helping Poor People

Food & clothing Distribution

Live and Let Live

Food, shelter and clothing are the prime aspects to lead a peaceful life. There are many families and individuals who are not able to cope up with the living cost in the society. Most of them are living under poverty line and are not able to make sufficient money from their daily wages.

Akshaya Empower Mission Society provides free food and clothing to the families that are going through tough times in their life. We feel that it is our responsibility to share food and clothing with our fellow individuals rather than explaining it as a “Help”. Being a Human is all about experiencing the difficulties that are faced by the fellow individuals.

Akshaya Empower Mission Society helps the families and individuals in different ways:

  • * We provide free food on special occasions to all the poor people in Kadiri Area in Andhra Pradesh state.
  • * If we get any notice about the difficulty of any family, our team will approach them and do the needful by extending our help hand.
  • *We provide the Food grains and clothes to the orphanages in the area.
  • * We will take care of the beggars in Kadiri by joining them in the orphanages and care centres.

Akshaya Empower Mission Society listens to your problems and helps to stand on our feet from your rough times.

Donation Hotline : +91 9963333466/ 9492111333